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* Do you know what ICMP is?

Suggested article: What is ICMP (Internet Control Message Protocol)?

ICMP (Internet Control Message Protocol) is an impressive supporting protocol in the TCP/IP protocol suite. Its primary objective is to report various errors. Additionally, a lot of different kinds of devices are able to use it, for instance, routers.

ICMP (Internet Control Message Protocol) helps with understanding whether or not the transferred data has reached its target destination at the required time. Due to this fact, ICMP is considered an essential component in the error reporting process and testing.

For diagnostics, it is commonly used with two popular utilities:

  • Traceroute command
  • Ping command

It is not a surprise that ICMP is such a popular protocol. A large number of administrators use it on a daily basis in order to understand and manage their networks better.

In case you are curious, we suggest the following article with detailed information about ICMP!